Production Sound Mixer
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I am a Location Sound Mixer local to the northeast, specifically the New York and New England markets. I am passionate about my craft and believe fully in the idea that we should be people first and a "department title" second (unfortunately this mindset is often lost on set). I enjoy mingling with the other crew and learning about the people I'm working with to find common ground outside of the business we work in. I pride myself with being able to tell you a "fun fact" about almost every one on set by the end of the shoot due to always sparking up conversations with my fellow crew.

In my previous life I spent many years as a professional touring musician, and therefore Sound Mixing and Recording only made perfect sense to me (microphones, recording equipment, noise...you get the idea). Having toured nationally and internationally for years, I've found I truly love traveling and have become accustomed to life on the road. With that in mind I love nothing more than "an away job".

Outside of the film set, I am happily married and have a beautiful daughter. I actively compete in the sports of Powerlifting and Strongman, and I enjoy all-things involving a barbell and strength training. I am also an outdoorsman who enjoys nature and being in the woods in search of adventure. 

It's a crazy business we're involved in, but if we are then we must all have "a little bit of crazy" in us. So lets hang out, I'll record some high-quality sound, and we'll tell each other stories from the road.

James B. Appleton

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